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Antony Wardle antony.wardle at met.co.nz
Tue Jul 18 08:17:23 NZST 2000

I have yellow dog linux.

Send me a cd and I will make you a copy.

The one that I have is Champion Server 1.2


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Hi all,
I'm from Napier and I've spent a bit of time in Wellington as a
student. I was searching for a list on the topic of 
Linux on iMacs and was surprised to find a Wellington list on Linux,
let alone a Wellington list on Linux with 
discussion about Linux on iBooks!!!

As for Antony Wardle's problems with booting into Linux on his iBook.
It might be this: You'll have to use 
Yaboot for booting into Linux, rather than BootX, if you're using one
of the so called "NewWorld Macs" (i.e., any 
colored Mac) with MacOS 9.0.4 or higher
Here's a couple of sites that might be useful to you:

As for me. I don't live in Wellington, I don't have any programming
skills, and I have never experienced Linux, let 
alone on a PPC. At the moment I intend to remedy all of these
situations apart from moving back to Wellington 
because although Wellington rocks, Napier Rules!!!

Anyway enough rant. I was thinking about downloading either YellowDog
or LinuxPPC over free.net.nz. But this 
may be over doing it! How much is it to buy a CD of LinuxPPC or
YellowDog for PPC in New Zealand, and where 
do I purchase one from?

Christiaan Briggs
iMac 266 user, waiting on Mac OS X to take over the world!!!!

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