[wellylug] Firewall software and Boot problem

J@mes Riley j at mes.riley.net.nz
Thu Jun 8 17:20:43 NZST 2000


As far as I am aware the one to use is http://www.coyotelinux.com/coyote.html
which is best for cable modems but the dial up is supposed to be quite ok.
it needs 12Mb ram which is why I havent installed it yet (has anyone got 12Mb+
of 30 pin simms???

Other distributions can be found @ http://www.linux.org/dist/english.html
look at the bottom of the page for small / specialist versions.

Good Luck

Antony Wardle wrote:

> What recommendations are there for a home firewall that can do dial up
> on demand.
> I am interested in trying one out on a linux distro on an old 486.
> My second question.
> I managed to get slackware 7.0 installed on my old scsi mca ps2, but I can't
> get it to boot. It gets stuck on startup saying li (I guess that this is
> half the word
> lilo) I can't boot it of a floppy disk either by typing /dev/hda1
> The machine used to work fine under w95, so I don't think it is a hardware
> problem.
> Any suggestions?
> Antony
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