First Meeting

Jamie Dobbs jamie.dobbs at
Thu Jun 15 22:50:49 NZST 2000

Thank you to all those that turned up at the first meeting on Monday. It was
great to meet you all and to get some idea of what people want out of the group
and to start planning how we wil get there.

I have updated the web site with meeting dates and a brief summary of Mondays
meeting so that those of you who might not have been able to make it can see
what went on. I intend to continue this for future meetings so that it may serve
as a reference to what happened at meetings and might also act as a draw-card to
those considering attending a meeting.

I am in the process of putting together a simple 'check list/machine hardware
sheet' that I will post to the list in the near future so that those of you who
want to get Linux installed at our first InstallFest can get the details of your
machines to us so that we can see what hardward you have and find distributions
suitable for your hardware. We current have RedHat 6.2, Mandrake 7.0, Mandake
7.1 and SuSE 6.4 available and I am currently in the process of getting Debian
CDs available (I understand that this can be installed via. FTP but given my
limited download capacity I would rather have the CD set available and am
currently downloading these images at work and will burn them onto CD within the
next few days).

I hope to be able to post the PC Hardware Spec sheet to the list within the next
few days and would then like top ask those that want to get Linux installed at
the Installfest to get the details of their hardware together (or the best they
can manage) and email it back so that I can try to find a suitable distribution.



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