Machine Specifications for InstallFest

Jamie Dobbs jamie.dobbs at
Fri Jun 16 16:38:44 NZST 2000


All those who are interested in the InstallFest (scheduled 
for early July) please take a look at the attached file.

Fill it out to the best of your ability, then email it back 
to me. I will then contact you and let you know the 
distributions that I have at hand that should suit your 



PS. I can try and answer any questions that you may have, 
but I cannot promise to be able to answer them - if I can 
not I will try and point you to resources that might be 
able to.

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* Taking the time to fill out this survey prior to first installing *
* Linux will help to avoid many problems that may potentially arise * 
* from not known the answers to questions that the istallation *
* program might ask. *
* It will also allow us to ensure that we have a distribution that *
* will work with your particular hardware available, or to advise *
* you of any necessary hardware upgrades that you will require prior *
* to installation. *

Your PC: CPU Make/Model __________ Speed ______ RAM Size ____________
Storage: SCSI adapter (if you have one) make _________ model ________
SCSI Harddisk (if you have one) make _________ 
SCSI bus ID _____

IDE harddisk make __________ model __________ (if known)
size __________

CDROM make _________ model _________ , 
interface type (if known) __________ 
(IDE/SCSI/OTHER eg. Soundblaster interface)

Floppy dive(s) __________ (usually a 1.44Meg 3.5")

Network: Network interface card make _________ model __________
I/O Range _________ IRQ __________ DMA _________
(the above can be found from your current OS)

Modem make __________ model __________, port used ________ 
(ie. com1, com2 etc.)

Graphics: Sound card make _________ model _________
I/O Range __________ IRQ _____ DMA __________ Port _____
Graphics (video) card make __________ model __________
I/O Range(s) __________ (if known)
Monitor make __________ model __________
Vert. Refresh __________ (if known)
Horiz. Refresh __________ (if known)

Other: Mouse make __________ type __________ (ie. PS/2, serial)
Buttons __________ (2 or 3)

Printer make _________ model __________

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