InstallFest - 1 July from 10:00am

jamie.dobbs at jamie.dobbs at
Wed Jun 21 10:48:14 NZST 2000

Given the relatively small numbers who are interested in an 
Installfest and the cost of a venue we have elected to hold it at my 
home. It will be held on Saturday July 1 starting at 10am and 
finishing whenever (an advantage of not having to hire a venue!).

Those interested should email me at jamie.dobbs at and I 
will send you back my address and phone number so that you can find 
me on the day and have a phone number should you get lost (I may scan 
a map and include it in the email to make it easier).

I would appreciate those attending being able to pay $2 ea. to cover 
the costs of tea/coffee/milk/biscuits etc. which will be available 
throughout the day. 

We will organise lunch on the day but I expected that we will all 
contribute to getting pizza, fish & chips or similar.



PS. Willing arms will be available to help people get their gear from 
their cars, down the stairs into my flat. It should be noted that 
parking can be at something of a premium in my street so don't be 
surprised is you have to park a few houses away.

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