[wellylug] HTML e-mail confirmation

Matt Dee matthew at qssl.co.nz
Mon Dec 3 16:00:23 NZDT 2001

> Yes. But it'll work well for and with M$, wanna bet? What, you mean that
> is a problem for you? How could that be??? (sarky alert)

Nope, Outlook requires the content type to be set to 'multipart/alternative'
with two seperate message parts, one set to content type='text/plain', the
other with content type set to 'text/html'.

So for folks (lurkers) like me with Outlook, it's apearing as straight text
with HTML tags throughout it.

I wrote an email client a few months back in case you're wondering. :-)
(Look at the mails source, and you'll see that it's content type is just


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