[wellylug] RedHat guru assistance required

Peter Jones PeterJ at indeserve.co.nz
Mon Oct 21 10:25:13 NZDT 2002

Hello, would someone familiar with RH be interested in assisting me with the
following task. Payment if required (and I can afford it)
Problem. Currently running E-Smith Server & Gateway ver 4.1.1 on an old P100
box, which is noisy and slow. E-Smith is based on RedHat.
WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is very low due to noise. I have replaced all
the fans but she's got really good hearing and its just the general air flow
noise so the machine has to be powered off when not in use.  I have an older
P200 laptop  (quiet)that could be used but E-Smith doesn't support PCMCIA
cards.  There is a "how-to" for PC cards at
but I can't get it working with this. After downloading and installing the
appropriate rpm and making the runlevel link and rebooting, the lspci comand
shows it has a TI card bus but no ethernet card (the card is in the socket).
The command "cardctl ident" identifies the PCI card as an Ositech JoH 33k6
modem & 10mbs ethernet, which is on the supported cards list, and the card
works fine under Win89 and Mandrake 8.2 on this same machine.
I have also tried another ethernet PC card, D-link 660+ with similar

What I would really like to do is watch someone who knows what they are
doing - any takers? 

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