[wellylug] bogus domain invoices

Lindsay klhunter at paradise.net.nz
Wed Aug 6 21:05:52 NZST 2003

Yes, I have one.  Fooled me.  "Bugger" I thought!  Then I read this. 
 "Hooray" I thought!

Can well help the prosecution?


Francois Prowse wrote:

>Guys - just to let you know a company called Domain Names NZ (Aussie 
>company apparently) is trolling through domain records and sending 
>authentic looking invoices for similar domains to ones the receipient 
>already owns. 
>I received 5 seperate letters in the mail for this this morning. Just 
>thought I let you know....feel free to call them and give them a 
>bollocking - I'm going to. 
>The NZ Registra for domains has been informed, as this behaviour is not 
>allowed, and probably almost illegal

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