[wellylug] was X now Mandrake and Lycoris

Eugene Van Wyk Eugene.VanWyk at 4rf.com
Thu Aug 7 07:19:05 NZST 2003

I can see my NT4 NTFS disks from Mandrake9 on a dual boot dual disk
machine.  I have never actually tried to do anything across the
partitions, but when I next "do some Mandrake" I will give it a try.  

I have accessed FAT partition directly between the platforms.

Eugene van Wyk
Test Development Engineer
4RF Communications
26 Glover str
New  Zealand

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Lycoris can have programs added, just as any other OS (Linux or
It comes standard with KDE (K destop environment) which has a

spreadsheet, e-mail client, browser, etc. They are all pretty basic but

You could add Star office or open office, etc. You don't use apt-get,
is unique
to Debian AFAIK. Lycoris does have an updater, very similar to Windows

Red Hat, Mandrake (and probably Debian, I've never used it) come with
thousands of additional programs which may or may not be what you need.
Lycoris takes the more minimalist approach and gives you enough to get
and working.

Setup is as easy as putting in the CD and booting.

To your final query - yes Mandrake  (and Lycoris, too) will do all you
and more.
They will talk to a Windows network, dont know if they will write to
in an
XP machine due to its NTFS file system.

Where are you located, maybe we can organise something to get your 
system working a bit better

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for the interesting info.

On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 02:25:42PM +1200, Peter Jones wrote:
> Red Hat and Mandrake are superb distros, but can can be a bit
> especially to a newcomer who is used to the Microsoft Windows

I have never had windows, but used it on and off, I have had linux
for 8 years or so and X for about 4 but I can only do simple stuff.
Like I dont know how to download any software or install it. All I
can do is the apt-get commands. So if I had the Lycoris I would not
be able to add anything?

> Does not have all the additional software that RH, Mandrake etc
> but Lycoris plus Open Office would do most things for most users, I

What additional software does Mandrake have, like some word processor?
I used to have Star Office I quite liked it but I have had heaps
of probs with Open Office.

> Can send you a copy of 46 if you are interested

Thanks for the offer but I could not install anything myself.
I have no idea and as I say my Debian is spread all over my HD
with nothing else and I would not know where to start.

Also I do not know how to keep/back up all my files I dont have
a CD writer. My husband has a prog whereby I can send files to
his pc but how I then get them onto a new distro I have no idea!
Are you getting the picture how I can't do much :)

What I **really** need to know is can Mandrake do ALL the stuff I have
been asking about? Most important can it have a LAN with windows XP
and how would we get on the net with dialup, and later ADSL.  Can we
both be
online with the same connection?  Also where can I buy it and do
I need to buy the network package as well?

> all the time? Can it have a network with a Win box? Would I need
> help getting ADSL set up and which machine would connect to the
> net?  Would we need a server/firewall machine?
> Could I pay someone knowledgable to get it installed and how would
> i keep all my current files, as I have heaps of stuff I need, mainly
> text files and jpgs?

thanks again


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