[wellylug] Console prompt changing

Joerg Frochte joerg.frochte at uni-essen.de
Mon Aug 25 06:10:56 NZST 2003

Hi Jethro,

* Jethro Carr <dodocaptain at paradise.net.nz> [030824 07:11] schrieb:
> I've got a strange & probably basic problem. My console prompt used to
> be displayed in this format:
> [root at Presario root]#
> But for some reason, it changed to:
> bash-2.05b$
> This doesn't affect the root prompt, which is still the same. I don't
> remember editing any config files...
> Does anyone know what I did & how to fix it?
> I think it might be something as simple as a key combination...

It seems that you have deleted or changed you .bashrc . 
Look if you have a .bashrc in you home-dir and when it has 
last time been edited.

Maybe you can simply copy the system default bashrc to your homedir 
In may case this is
(Debian woody)

Good luck,


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