[wellylug] Microsoft uses Linux to save itself from viruses

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Fri Aug 29 19:48:22 NZST 2003

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>This article might be of interest. Getting it re-publised in NZ migh also be
That is so unbelievably biassed! 

Akamai are a content distribution service. You get shunted to the
server nearest yourself, which spreads the load and hence reduces the
load on the primary server(s). It provides no protection at all
against worms viruses and the like. It does protect against DDOS
attacks. Akamai are also totally independent of Microsoft. Using
Akamai's server is NOT "(d)eploying Linux-based servers".

Incidentally, at one time you used to be able to use Akamai's servers
as anonymous proxies a la Anonymiser.



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