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> If I can get our Telecom router pinholed so that I can SSH 
> into a Linux box
> on our LAN at work can I then somehow run a VNC session to 
> another PC on our
> LAN through that SSH connection?
> Can anyone point me at any good HOWTOs on it or even better 
> given me some
> step by step instructions and I've never really played with 
> SSH before.

I believe VNC can be sent via SSH, but haven't tried.  There might be
another way you can get the desired result -- here's what I do at home using
a Windows PC:

1) Install cygwin, including X packages and ssh. (not necessary from a Linux
2) Within a cygwin bash session: startx & (from within your normal bash
shell on Linux).
3) Within the x session, in a terminal: ssh -X username at sub.domain.tld &
4) Now you have 'ssh'ed to the gateway, do the same again to the internal
box: ssh -X username at internalsub.internaldom.  (I haven't done a second ssh
in this way using X, but I have with a text console and it works fine).
5) Run X apps to your heart's content.

The really cool thing: X doesn't even need to be installed on the
destination machines -- only the X apps you plan to use.  The X libraries on
your home machine will be used to run the X apps.  

A couple of gotchas: 

1) You will need to enable X-forwarding in /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the
destination boxes.  Grep X11Forwarding in that file to see if it is set to
'yes' or 'no'.
2) I have struck font problems with Abiword and sound problems with a movie
player (though in the latter case might have been due to no sound drivers on
the destination machine).

Hope that helps a little.


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