[wellylug] Re: Microsoft FUD at work (Linux fud too?)

Donald Gordon don at dis.org.nz
Mon Jan 13 14:23:05 NZDT 2003

On Sun, 12 Jan 2003 16:36:42 -0800
Wellington Assassin <pipes at resentment.org> wrote:

Do you have a real name?

> I think a few realities have to be seeked out here...

The word you were looking for is "sought".

> 1) Open source is not more secure than microsoft. Take away the worms
> that caused major havoc because certain MCSE +I's failing to run a
> simple patch (flipside, apache / openssl worms anyone?), more linux /
> UNIX boxes are hacked / cracked / DOS'd each day than any other OS.

A box being DOSed (I assume you don't mean installing the well-known
"OS") is not an indication of its security.  And would you mind
providing a source for this claim?

> Open source does have a down side. Bugs are found, exploited and NOT
> disclosed as much as people would like to think.

The same is true for any OS.

> 3) Most banking servers (talking web / exposed servers not AIX boxes
> in the background) still run on NT4 / NT2000. Why? Patched microsoft,
> and properly maintained microsoft is solid and secure.

I assumed it was because they'd developed their web-banking software to
run on IIS, but I may be incorrect.

> 4) GNU is not UNIX. You would have to hire a linux geek, not a UNIX
> geek ;) 

Linux is very similar to UNIX.  A UNIX geek could easily adapt to Linux
in a small amount of time.

> 5) Support. We need to point out to people asking the question of
> linux in business different support options. This is a companies
> infrastructure they are playing with, not a home desktop machine. 

If you're trying to address one of Ilia's points, I can't see which one
it is.

> If you read this and think "My Lord! He's a windows advicate" please
> reread and rethink the above content, however, a certain reality that
> many Linux users / groups / companies around the world are looking
> past, is that not all businesses are in a postition to take the plunge
> into open source.

But many are.  Who is claiming that *everyone* is?

> Not to mentain, Linux itself is only just touching
> on being a solid, reliable business tool. 

Please elaborate.

> My $1.25 worth.

Rampant inflation is bad for the economy.


(ps: does your MUA have any way of generating messages which don't have every second line blank?)

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