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zrx1100 zrx1100 at paradise.net.nz
Tue Mar 18 09:34:01 NZST 2003

That's along the lines of what I'm working on now... I've got a pic of the
cable car, tux and a silver fern. Is there a 'Linux Colour'?

I'm also thinking this logo should be able to degrade to black and white
(greyscale) for photocopy purposes. Any thoughts?

PS: Why are the messages all HTML now? Is anyone else getting this?

zrx1100 at paradise.net.nz

On 18/3/03 10:14 am, "Tony Wills" <ajwills at paradise.net.nz> wrote:

> The elements:
> Philosophically I think we can do without the Sarchi&Sarchi (non open
> source) corporate Abs Pos logo (even though I put it on both of my
> suggestions ;-)
> If you're going to have a Penguin, it *must* be TUX, Penguins per-say have
> nothing to do with Linux and their inclusion will just muddy the image.
> I can't think of any nationally recognised symbol of Wellington other than
> the Parliament/Beehive ... (it's inclusion is unmistakable unless of course
> people assume we're the Parliamentary Linux users group) - of course that
> represents Wellington City, not the region - maybe a map segment of the
> Wellington region as background instead?
> Best to spell out the full name so the logo works for people that don't
> know what a LUG is (apart from lug-hole ;-).
> For an international audience incorporating the nz flag might be useful,
> but frankly everyone will assume it's the Aussy flag, a kiwi or silver fern
> would be more widely recognised.
> --- Tony

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