[wellylug] Group Formalization

Centurion Computer Technology Ltd centurion at paradise.net.nz
Fri May 23 10:12:11 NZST 2003

> As for subs - we have been blessed with cheap (in Johnsonville) to no charge
> (at present) meeting places. I have to say the current place is an excellent
> venue for a lot of reasons. But with a little income we could organise more
> install fests and better advertising and promotion of Linux over the region
> - perhaps afford to hire halls and the like - Or we could actually make some
> goodwill gifts to special presenters.  We could even drop this if that is
> what people agree.

I for one would prefer a gold coin $2 each meeting, rather than a one
off sub, as it's easier to get past the wife... Seriously maybe we
should put a coin box on the door,  it also means we can't spend the
whole years subs on one item, and means we can guage interest much more

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