[wellylug] Printing from Evolution

Damon Lynch damon at asianreflection.com
Sun May 25 15:42:06 NZST 2003


I almost never print from Evolution so I cannot be much help (despite
the fact I use the programs you mentioned on a daily basis).

But I can suggest if you don't get an answer here, you can try one of
these options (starting with most expert response and cost in $):

MandrakeExpert support incident
Mandrake Club forums
Mandrake Expert / Newbie list

You could also try linuxprinting.org (which is sponsored to an extent by
Mandrake, so I hear)


On Sat, 2003-05-24 at 07:27, Colin & Josephine Lewis wrote:
> I am having problems getting Evolution to print using my Epson LQ100 dot
> matrix printer, under Mandrake 9.1.  The print options are: 
> - generic postscript 
> - generic postscript, print to file
> - fax driver (via gfax)
> - fax driver, save to file
> - PDF writer
> The default setting is generic postscript with a printer name of lpr.  I
> have set up my printer thru Mdrake control centre OK and it works fine
> using open office.
> While I can print using the current settings, I get a separate page
> printed for each page of printing that simply prints the page number,
> which is an annoying waste of paper.
> Anybody know what I can do to get Evolution to recognise my printer, or
> else to turn off page number printing?
> thanks in anticipation
> Colin Lewis
Damon Lynch <damon at asianreflection.com>

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