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Don Jones don.jones at linuxmail.org
Thu May 29 21:07:56 NZST 2003

> I think the time has come to get one of my Linux boxes to get all of my
> email from my ISP (via. Fetchmail most likely). This part I can do without
> too much trouble, but my main issue is what can I use to easily weed out
> Spam from the email received on the accounts that I will be using Fetchmail
> to check (around 6 accounts)?

I would recomend popfile ( http://popfile.sourceforge.net ) basically its a pop proxy that runs on local host between your client and the server it uses baysian filtering to classify mail, it works very well, you can seperate spam and non spam, or use it to sort into other categories aswell, I have 18 categories, for various things like spam, different mailing lists, mail from friends, family, work etc. It works very well, i get 95% + success rates. You can also aggregate multiple pop mailboxes. It has a nice web interface for admin, is writen in perl so is cross platform and can be used with any pop email client.

downside is it doesnt do imap, or for those of you stuck on legacy systems, mapi. It also requires a bit of training initially, but its worth the effort.

> Also I am at some stage considering getting my own domain name and have
> emails coming to that, the issue there is that since I am on ADSL and don't
> have a fixed IP I guess I'd have to use a multidrop POP? Are there any other
> options?

Im presuming you want to run a MTA for these answers:
1. pay more for a fixed ip
2. use a dynamic dns service, (basically this runs a script on your box that contacts an updatable dns serverwhenever your ip changes. I dont know how they are setup technically but presume the default ttl's are set low and use zone transfers to update the zone) You could point the mx record for your real domain at your dynamic dns domain name (not a real robust solution).
3. get cable if its avalible where you are.

Don Jones
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