[wellylug] Convert ReiserFS to Ext2

andrej at paradise.net.nz andrej at paradise.net.nz
Mon Apr 5 07:43:43 NZST 2004

Quoting David Antliff <dave.antliff at paradise.net.nz>:

> No, you missed my point. I was referring to scientific method. I was
And you missed mine...
wouldn't we have to hunt down every single user of ext2(3) 
and Reiser, and ask them about their experience? :) Since 
that doesn't seem feasible I'll stick with the "personal 
experience" method and continue with "Reiser is more robust".

> not attempting to undermine my own statements with a disclaimer, as 
> is the current trend.
Good on yah - NZ is WAY too pc ;}

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