[wellylug] permission on /

David Antliff dave.antliff at paradise.net.nz
Mon Apr 5 15:45:45 NZST 2004

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, E.Chalaron wrote:

> > If you want to remove read access, then how are your users going to run
> > programs in /usr/bin, read manpages, or do almost anything useful?
> They will not, and this is on purpose.
> If I do
> #root chmod 700 /
> it seems to cancel any authorisation on /home
> Maybe 700 is a bit too rough ?????

Then why not just remove their login access altogether?

I assume you're trying to lock down your machine somehow - can you explain
what you're trying to achieve? Fiddling with permissions on / is probably
*not* what you want to do...


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