[wellylug] (no subject)

Damon Lynch damon at photo.geek.nz
Wed Apr 14 15:19:18 NZST 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 14:43, Sam Cannell wrote:
>  Just because somebody's OS of choice *is* Windows, it
> doesn't mean they're wrong, just that their tastes are different than
> yours.

Let us be clear, there is more to the issue than taste.  We are not
comparing the colour red with the colour blue.

Further, blame cannot be laid at the feet of users.  I don't see any of
us doing this.

With respect to "preaching" or "evangalising", certain organisations in
our advanced capitalist society would much prefer it if you and I didn't
use any GNU software and instead paid (on a regular basis) for their
proprietary offerings.  And they would prefer that we basically have not
choice but to do this.  And they are trying to ensure that the law makes
it hard for GNU systems to thrive (software patents, TRIPS, etc.).  They
also spend untold $$ "preaching" via advertising.  Do you condemn that

Religion and software?  Sorry, but I cannot resist this quote: "Preach
the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words" (St. Francis).  
Hopefully we can agree that the real problem is GNU/Linux advocates
negatively judging *people* who use MS Windows.


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