[wellylug] Administrivia: broken mail servers

Ewen McNeill wellylug at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Wed Apr 14 22:08:11 NZST 2004

A quick word of warning to those of you attempting to run your own mail
servers on a cable modem/ADSL connections: if your mail server is
persistently down for days at a time, then either the mail server
software (or me, when I tire or seeing persistent "delivery attempt
failed" log messages) will disable your subscription to the mailing
list.  You can re-enable it through the mailing list web interface, but
I'm likely to ban addresses which are repeatedly down for days on end.

If you are going to subscribe to a fairly busy mailing list (50-something
messages in the past 24 hours) then it is only courteous to ensure that
the associated mail server is operational to receive those messages most
of the time.

If you don't think you're able to do that on your cable modem/ADSL mail
server, it'd be better to route the mailing list mail through a more
professionally run mail server/address.

Working mail servers, willing to accept mail, make for a happier mailing
list admin.


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