[wellylug] Fighting Software patents in europe + WellyLUG

Andrej Ricnik andrej at paradise.net.nz
Thu Apr 15 16:16:36 NZST 2004

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004 15:09, Jamie Dobbs wrote:
>  This is true, and this I believe will be what causes the
> group to split into two parts. One a bunch of geeks who want
> to share experiences, ideas, and have fun with an OS, the
> other consists of some of the former with a large dollop of
> over-zealous advocacy thrown in which I personally have
> absolutely no interest in.
Well, I appreciate that the thing we call "Pseudospezification"
in German ethology may strike a LUG (even though our number
isn't really big enough for that to happen). To me it would be
an indication of the inability of certain individuals to reach
a compromise - a sad thing in itself. As for the over-zealous:
I think that a certain extent of emotional engagement is healthy,
some will argue over the footy-match (something that leaves ME
completely untouched), others over freedom, others over their
religion. They all may have no or little understanding of the
others motives (even though to me they look quite similar),
but at least they're into something, rather than just jaded 
and cynical. :}

Btw, to make categorizing me easier for people:
I'm a Linux-Evangelist, a Christian, a Lover of books, a 
gourmet and excellent cook, I hate passive sports, I like
hiking, biking, I like a good movie ... I hate conformism
for the sake of "peace", I can't stand political correctness
as it is practiced in NZ. I love the country, I like many
of its people, I don't have any national or ethic bonds
to any place in the world.


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