[wellylug] MPEG/DVD encoding/decoding.

E.Chalaron e.chalaron at xtra.co.nz
Thu Apr 29 09:49:04 NZST 2004

> Hi all
> I am looking for options (software or hardware) for
> _legally_ doing MPEG/DVD encoding/decoding on Linux.

Encoding Mpeg from all sort of ppm or DV files : mjpegtools / sourceforge, a 
Converting vob, mpeg to Xvid : transcode

> * I also have home movies in .avi which I would like
> to convert to MPEG/DVD format for storage and playback
> on an ordinary DVD player.

You need to go back to DV files. AVi is just a can, what is the codec of your 
AVi files ? DVD mpeg2 is around 10.05 Mbs for muxrate, sound has to be 224 
bits 48 Khz in 720*576. Back ingeenering from avi to DVd is not worth 
especially if your avis are small format 320*288 or something.

Transcode your avi in mpeg 1 to create VCDs is then the best option. Not 
good.. best...


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