[wellylug] Wtd: Sound card advice

youp . ahlee_youp at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 12 09:36:10 NZST 2004

>On Sun, 11 Jul 2004, William Hamilton wrote:
> > I am looking to setup a PC for playing music, I am interested in a half
> > decent (nothing too extreme) sound card with good and easy Linux 
>SBLive 5.1DE suits me fine here. Runs without problems using OSS (2.4) or
>ALSA (2.4 & 2.6 kernels). The driver can mix multiple audio streams so you
>don't get contention problems. Gentoo.org has a good ALSA howto.
>Other brands might be OK too - but I've only had personal experience with
>SBLive, AC97 (that onboard southbridge crap - avoid it IMO), and an ESS
>audiodrive card that was really a SB-PCI64 (not great either).

I have a SBLive 5.1DE, and a 2.6.5 kernel, and I have had an issue with a 4 
speaker setup. The front speaker mixer settings are as expected, but the 
rear speakers only respond to one mixer (Surround_Wave or something).
This means that the master mixer has no effect on the rear speakers (even 
Mute doesnt affect them).

Not sure if this is an ALSA issue, or a kernel issue.

Simon Antliff

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