[wellylug] Lightweight browsers, and window managers

Nick Jensen spoonfella at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 09:16:48 NZST 2004

>Having processes killed due to lack of memory is generally a sign that
>you either have far too little swap, or there's something seriously
>wrong with the setup on your machine.

Ah, perfect. I ran `free` and saw that there was no swap listed! I guess it 
didn't happen during setup - although I do remember telling the machine 
where the swap space was. Anyway, I partitioned using parted, and now it's 
running beautifully.
I'm still completely unable to get parted to resize my Fedora partition 
though, it gives some kind of message informing me that the partition has 
been formatted 'strangely', and parted can't partition it (yet). I've read 
somewhere that parted has trouble with ext2/3 when they are formatted by Red 
Hat - has anyone heard of such a thing?
Thanks for the help


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