[wellylug] Thank you.

Jamie Baddeley wellylug at vpc.co.nz
Sat May 1 21:28:26 NZST 2004


InstallFest2004 was a success!

What a day! A big massive thank you to the Distro Team Leaders and their
wicked skills at taming random hardware. Thank you to the people who put
in the time to create presentations and deliver them. I assure you that
people valued this. Thank you to the 'sweepers' who just sorted out
stuff. Thank you to the people who just had a conversation to people who
are interested in a better way of computing. Thank you to Brent, who put
in a superhuman job and took time away from his real job to make the
'Fest happen. Thank you to the people who worked through lunchtime even
though they were hungry. Thank you to the people who
just_solved_problems. Thanks to our webmaster who coded things to give
us a level of professionalism that was beyond the call of duty. A big
thank you to our sponsors, without whom this could not have happened -
much much appreciated. Thank you to all the LUG people who turned up to
help out in what ever way they could. 

And thanks to our new WellyLug members. May the penguin be kind to you.

We did good today. It was good fun. We are Linux. And Linux is
absolutely unstoppable. 




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