[wellylug] Switching wife to Debian

John C Barstow jbowtie at amathaine.com
Sun May 2 09:32:58 NZST 2004

So, I''ve *almost* convinced the wife to switch. I have 3 issues that
need to be fixed before she will use it full time:

1)  MSN avatars.  All her friends use MSN Messenger Plus! for the avatar
support (which I understand Gaim calls buddy icons).  Gaim doesn't
appear to support it; does anyone know an MSN client that does?

2)  MSN groups.  The real reason she's bound to MSN; she runs several
MSN groups and needs the chat room to work.  I think I can run IE6 on
wine to solve this, but so far no success getting it to work.

3) Syncing Visor to Evolution.  Actually the only problem here is that
the address book does not sync; everything else does.  Any suggestions?

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