[wellylug] which is "safer" on a server: Xvfb or vncserver?

Jamie Baddeley wellylug at vpc.co.nz
Sun May 2 17:21:00 NZST 2004


I manned openoffice and it told me:

       openoffice  [-accept=]  [-display  DISPLAYNAME]  [-invisible] 
[-minimized]  [-norestore]  [-p] [-pt] [-quickstart] [-server]


This option specifies the X server to contact; see X(7x)

The  office  doesn't  show  the  intro bitmap during startup and doesn't
open the first default document. After startup there is no visible UI
although using the Office API it is possible to open visible
documents/dialogs. The only way to shutdown the office is through the
Office  API or using the task manager / kill command.


I've never done it myself, but the above may be an avenue to explore....



On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 16:16, Damon Lynch wrote:
> Hi,
> I wish to run OpenOffice.org on continually a server, so I can use it
> for document conversion.  OOo needs X to run, but I don't want to run X
> on my server.   Therefore, I'm thinking of a choice between Xvfb or
> vncserver.  Do folks have experience with this?  Which is better in
> terms of security or stability?  Has anyone had a long running OOo
> process?  Perhaps I would be better off running an actual instance of X
> on the server's hardware, and start up OOo in that?
> Damon

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