[wellylug] M$ Windows has Maori Language Support

Your Name jbowtie at amathaine.com
Mon May 3 16:00:42 NZST 2004

> I was just watching Breakfast, and saw them interviewing a person from the
> Maori Language commission.
> My Partner said that she had heard it a few days ago, but I didnt see any
> comment made here.
> Not sure if anyone knew or not... so just thought I would let you all

When I spoke to the MLC last month, it was my understanding that they
were in the process of compiling a word list for Microsoft; this was
then going to be used by MS to provide a basis for doing the actual
localization (translation of the user interface).

That said, GNOME 2.6 currently presents about 5% of the user interface
in Maori, OpenOffice provides a Maori spellchecker, and there are Maori
xkb bindings.  Debian has some Maori support at the command line level
(date in particular) if you enable the mi_NZ.UTF-8 locale.

NZ Linux of course provides the entire stack above in a nice little
distro that I need to find hosting space for.

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