[wellylug] default browser in KDE (lazy question)

Tim Nicholas tim at nicholas.net.nz
Wed May 5 00:13:13 NZST 2004

On 05/04/04 23:02, Ilia Pavlenko wrote:
> Greetings.
> Just installed Mozilla FireFox - quite neat little browser. What's the
> easy way to make her default browser in KDE enviroment. (so when I click
> on the link in kmail- mozilla firefox comes up instead of konqueror).
> Is there a centralised way to set such thing ?
> Ilia

This is a pet hate of mine with relation to KDE apps. You can do it but 
it's not simple. As I understand it (and there might well be a better 
way) you need to define firefox (or mozilla or galeon or whatever) to be 
associated with various mime-types so that KDE uses it rather than 

I _think_ that what you need to do is go in to kcontrol, KDE Components, 
File Associations, then go to text>html. Add an application to and move 
it to the top of the preference order.

I actually have a little script which I call from there, because I like 
it to open links in a new tab it there is a browser window open already.

This is my doggy script. It's cheap, it's nasty, but it seems to mostly 

Hope this helps.


cd $browserpath
( ./$browsercommand -remote "openURL($*, new-tab)" || ./$browsercommand 
$* )&

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