[wellylug] Red Hat launches desktop Linux

Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Thu May 6 12:20:51 NZST 2004

--- andrej at paradise.net.nz wrote:
> Quoting Wood Brent <pcreso at pcreso.com>:
> > Except that the home users typically run what they have at work. It
> > does provide the potential for a significant shift.
> What are the chances that that desktop will have
> support for multimedia (mp3, DVD, ... ) built-in?
> For the home-user that takes the business-desktop
> home it will probably only mean dependency hell ;)

Isn't that the Linux story? It is getting better. Not as fast as some of us
would like....

But I still stand by my belief that an uptake of Linux on corporate desktops
will have a flow on effect on Linux take up at home.


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