[wellylug] Configuring a modem

Nick Jensen spoonfella at hotmail.com
Fri May 7 09:14:09 NZST 2004

>There are two sample kernel modules for fedora core 1 on the Intel support
>site. You can get there from the dse page.
>1. Go to the modem page
>2. Click on Support near the bottom
>3. Click on latest Linux drivers
>You want the uni-processor version, number 4 in the list on the Intel site.

Fantastic, thanks very much everyone for all your help - I got the little 
bugger working - never has that annoying beeping and gurgling sounded so 
I was a little off-track, using cat /proc/version I discovered that my 
kernel version is 2.4.22, so no versioning issues. I got the driver 
mentioned above (which had not been included on the drivers CD when I got 
the modem - I guess it wasn't available then), installed it and everything 
went fine!
I'm sure I'll be asking you lot more questions soon. Thanks again


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