[wellylug] Printer setup problem using CUPS

Colin & Josephine Lewis cjlewis at amcom.co.nz
Fri May 7 15:52:26 NZST 2004

I am having problems getting by printer running properly following upgrading 
from mdk 9.1 to 10.0 at the installfest.  I have a trusty Espon LQ100 24 pin 
dot matrix - the message is not to repalce it, as I have recently bought a 
couple of new ribbons, so until it falls over, I don't plan to replace it - 
which I had working previously under mdk 9.1, but can now only get to operate 
via a generic Epson 24 pin driver at 120x60dpi using draft mode.  I would 
like to get a better print quality as well as get rid of the nasty carriage 
return built into the driver at the end of every page, which is making 
printing multi-page documents a pain. 

There was an LQ100 driver on the list of available drivers, but it did nothing 
when I tried installing it and printing a test page. 

Anybody know which directory the drivers are likely to reside in, and how I 
can edit them so I can have a go at making the proper LQ100 one work.   
Anybody played with making drivers, that can give some advice on how feasible 
this approach is likely to be?



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