[wellylug] General request for infomation on building a sandpit.

Jamie Baddeley wellylug at vpc.co.nz
Fri May 7 20:29:37 NZST 2004

Have you considered looking at UML?



On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 19:40, Pizbit wrote:
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> Not literally a sandpit, but a place to play in all the same.
> Basically I have a general "aim" on setting up my computer so I can have lots of
> random fun install and messing up installs of linux. Eg, I want to be able to
> install linux on my main HD and play around, if I mess up I want to be able to
> easily just reinstall over it while keeping my current linux install
> untouched(and working!).
> I want to do this because I want to be able to experiment and learn more.
> An end goal I'm thinking of is winding up with a linux install that is better
> partitioned than my current mess and when I have that I'd merge the current maze
> of linux partitions into one. To make better use of my space. And then perhaps
> use the now free space to play with. But I'll be happy for now with just getting
> my general "aim" working.
> Currently my computer is dual boot windows/linux with the following partition setup.
> /dev/hda5       /               ext2
> /dev/hda10      none            swap
> /dev/hda8       /usr    ext3
> /dev/hda6       /home   ext3
> /dev/hda7       /var    ext3
> /dev/hda9       /tmp    ext2
> /dev/hda1       /home/intatia/mnt/win_c ntfs
> /dev/hda2       /home/intatia/mnt/win_d vfat
> /dev/hdb1       /home/intatia/bighd_1 ext3
> /dev/hdc1       /home/intatia/bighd_2 ext3
> hdb and hdc are 120GB HD's and as far as I'm concerned they are to be considered
> 'not there' but can be used for backup purposes.
> hda is a 40GB drive (Primary Master) and currently has 22GB free on the
> /dev/hda1 win_c partition.
> /dev/hda1 is a 877MB or so partition that is no longer needed, I created it back
> when I actually used windows more than once every month or two.
> So, anyone willing to offer up some advice as to how I could setup my machine to
> tripple boot a second linux install? I wont be making any change until I'm very
> sure what I'm about to do and how to do it.
> The two areas which I'm needing infomation on are partitioning and setting up
> the tripple boot.
> 1)
> - - Since (correct me if I'm wrong) my current linux install would like to keep
> the same /dev/hdaX numbers I'd have to create the new partitions after that,
> however there is no space there so would PM8 be able to move that all along and
> put some of the free space of hda1 after all my current linux partitions?
> - - I believe all the linux partitions are inside a logical partition or whatever
> it's called (Partition magic has all them inside a box) with the fat32 partition
> not included in that but deletable. Would this mean I wouldn't have to worry
> about the number of partitions? I believe I was once told that you could only
> have 4 unless managed with logical partitions or <insert proper name here>.
> - - Would I be able to use the same swap partition with the two linux installs
> since obviously I wouldn't be running both at once.
> 2)
> - - The actual setting up of the tripple boot loader and setting it up for each
> change of linux install on the new partitions. Someone floated the idea of a
> seperate /boot partition however I have no idea how to implement that with
> regards to the current linux install or new ones.
> Any help/infomation/advice/links would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> (I'm not too good at making things clear in text so if you want clarification of
> something just ask.)
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