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Hong Chyr chyryh at linuxmail.org
Fri May 7 21:40:42 NZST 2004

My palm pro works well with pilot tools, but I haven't tried it with evolution. I was able to sync all the databases and transfer DOC document for reading on the palm using pilot-link. The X interface that came with pilot-link also worked without any problems. 

Perhaps you can start with pilot-link and work your way up to evolution?


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> On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 13:06, Chris Hall wrote:
> > On 07/05/04 07:48 am, Jethro Carr wrote:
> > > Does anyone know how well it will sync with Linux & evolution?
> > 
> > What distro are you using?
> custom built. But, I have gnome, which has pilot tools, which evolution
> uses. I just want to know if it works for other people on their systems.
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