[wellylug] Mandrake NZ mirror

Jonathan Harker jharker at massey.ac.nz
Mon May 10 15:33:16 NZST 2004

Not sure how permanent or frequently updated it is, but it appears there is 
now a NZ Mandrake mirror up on Jetsream Games. This is good news for those of 
us on crappy not-very-broadband plans with international download caps!


For instance, you can add urpmi mirrors as follows -

Mandrake 10 updates:

   urpmi.addmedia --update mdk10update_NZ 
ftp2.jetstreamgames.co.nz/pub/dist/mandrake/official/updates/10.0/RPMS with 

Mandrake 10 contrib:

   urpmi.addmedia mdk10contrib_NZ 
ftp2.jetstreamgames.co.nz/pub/dist/mandrake/official/10.0/contrib/i586 with 

Mandrake 9.2 updates:

   urpmi.addmedia --update mdk92update_NZ 
ftp2.jetstreamgames.co.nz/pub/dist/mandrake/official/updates/9.2/RPMS with 

Mandrake 9.2 contrib:

   urpmi.addmedia mdk92contrib_NZ 
ftp2.jetstreamgames.co.nz/pub/dist/mandrake/official/9.2/contrib/i586 with 


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