[wellylug] dvorak keyboard in KDE3.2

Brenda O'Hagan brenda at wallace.net.nz
Wed May 12 09:49:35 NZST 2004

under KDE's "Configure your desktop" -> Accessibility -> Keyboard
you can set up different layout.

At home i have both US english (qwerty) and dvorak, and i can toggle between 
then in the kde systray. This works really well

i have a very simular setup @ work, (mdk9.2) and it doesn't work.
the command used by kde is "setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout dvorak -variant 
running the same command in a xterm i get this error: "Error loading new 
keyboard description" 

can anyone give me some clues as to where to fix this?

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