[wellylug] DNS networking - Confirmation Request

Enkidu enkidu at cliffp.com
Fri May 14 19:25:41 NZST 2004

On Fri, 14 May 2004 09:53:49 +1200, you wrote:

>In message <20040513211254.EC79E3C00215 at basilica.la.naos.co.nz>, Ewen McNeill writes:
>>In message <20040513205019.SIQJ11405.mta3-rme.xtra.co.nz at there>, "E.Chalaron" writes:
>>>> Sorry, but you (e.chalaron at xtra.co.nz) are not on my list of pre-approved
>>>> contacts, so your message (attached) has been put on hold.
>>>Good one !! a spam filter that is filtering off a mailing list....
>>>Anybody else has been not pre-approved ?
>>Please tell me (off list) which address at Actrix this came from, and
>>I'll remove them from the mailing list.  
>I've now seen the relevant challenge message, and it doesn't appear to
>have been generated by a post to the mailing list -- the headers of the
>challenged message (thanks for including them) don't include anything
>that the mailing list would add.  As best I can tell it was generate in
>response to a message directly from the person to the address sending
>the challenge, perhaps as a result of a CC.
>I'm willing to police "noise" generated by posts to the mailing list,
>but if you mail/CC/etc someone directly you take your chances :-)
Heh! That was probably sent to me, wasn't it, Ewen? Rest assured I've
added the mailing list to my white list. 



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