[wellylug] accessing managed switch

Simon Blake simon at citylink.co.nz
Sun May 16 20:24:21 NZST 2004

On Sun, May 16, 2004 at 05:52:26PM +1200, Rob Stockley said:

> Who would have thought? Certainly not me - I'm a clutz. With that little baby 
> in there it works just like, no, better than doze. Thanks to all who tried to 
> shield me from my own stupidity by suggesting faults that might not have been 
> my own dumb fault. Newbie I am once again. Thanks everyone.

It's not apparent why that should make any difference - you need that
compiled in if you want to use a serial port as your system console (ie,
if you want your boot time messages and whatnot to go out a serial port)
- it shouldn't be needed if all you want to do is use minicom to chat to 
some other device out a serial port.
> BTW I'm using the nforce drivers from nVidia. Since my last recompile I've 
> moved to gcc-3.3. There were no issues with the kernel compiling but the 
> nforce top level makefile doesn't have a 'clean' target. Therefore, the 
> nforce modules were not recompiled and the old gcc2 versions were installed 
> along with the new kernel. Of course the kernel spat the dummy. An easy fix 
> in the end due to the very good error message from modprobe. One to watch out 
> for if you migrate from Debian stable to testing with an nforce mobo.

gcc-2.95 is still the recommended compiler, for both 2.4 and 2.6 
kernels.  If nothing else, it'll give you a kernel 100KB smaller than a 
gcc-3.3 kernel.

> Cheers all,
> Rob
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