[wellylug] Help with Router connection

Joseph joseph at paradise.net.nz
Sun May 16 21:31:29 NZST 2004

On 16/05/2004, at 8:44 PM, Dave Elliott wrote:

> I  purchased  a  Router  to  network  2  computers  together  on   
> Internet.One is  an  HP2.2gig  on  Windows XP  and   the  other IBM300  
>  runs  Redhat9.Plugged  in  Router  on  the  HP  first  but  it   
> wouldnt  connect  to  Internet so  I  could  set  up  the  Wizard.  
> Rechecked   connections  etc  and  still  wont  connect. I  ran   
> through  the  connection  wizard  on  XP  and  could  not  see  why   
> connection  is  not  happening. Disconnected  it  for  now  to  send   
> for  help. Followed  the  manual  to  plug  it  in  and  typed  in  IP  
>  address  in  browser  bar  but  no  go.I Haven't  tried  to  connect   
> the  other  computer  yet  until  I  sought  out  this  HP  and   
> Router  connection  first.
> Dave

In RedHat (and Windows), try setting network connection to ask for an  
ip address via dhcp - assuming The Router (of unspecified lineage)  
handles dhcp - setup should be little more than plug in and go.

for Redhat docs try  
in windows it's be an option in the network control panel to  
automatically discover setting... (don't have an XP box to try).

Once the machines are in the same subnet as the router (192.168.....  
etc) you should be able to connect to router in any web browser..

Good luck - but with dhcp should be e c.

Jo 'Mangee' Booth

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