[wellylug] community education

Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Wed May 19 07:59:21 NZST 2004

--- Damon Lynch <damon at photo.geek.nz> wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 20:07, Jamie Baddeley wrote:
> > someone asked me today why people don't do openoffice courses at
> > continuing education places like wellington high etc. You know,
> > introduction to excel, introduction to OOcalc etc.
> > 
> > I didn't know why.
> Likewise, there are people who go around to people trying to get back
> into the work force, and they teach these skills.  I have wondered if it
> would be great for them to say to people with little money to spare for
> expensive office suites "hey, we can give you this office suite at no
> cost"
> I think the main problem right now is the ubiquity of MS office.

I very much agree. Everyone uses MS Office because everyone uses MS Office.
It's not just the OS competition that's missing out, other commercial suites
are falling by the wayside as well, & often quality & functionality has little
to do with it.

Getting OO more into the public eye is prob much of the battle.

Has anyone looked at the free Office courses run by Warehouse Stationary? Who
funds these? Is there an opportunity to see if OO can fit in with such a
Given WS sells hardware & software & computer consumables, is any one as WS a
suitable contact to press for OS support? (maybe more an NZOSS question?)


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