[wellylug] help on modutils

Lyndsay Mountfort lyndsaym at paradise.net.nz
Thu May 20 15:33:32 NZST 2004


Can anyone help me with the correct syntax for loading a module at boot 
time using modutils. The various manpages tell me where to put the 
module reference (in a file under the /etc/modutils/ directory) but not 
what the syntax is, or maybe I'm being thick. All the files I have in 
that directory use the alias syntax - this appears to provide a 
reference to the loaded module under a different name.

I want to load a module called asus_acpi, If I use

modprobe asus_acpi

from a root console it loads successfully and performs as expected.

Running Mepis (Debian unstable based) kernel 2.6.4



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