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David Zanetti dave2 at wetstring.net
Fri May 21 09:40:08 NZST 2004

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On Fri, 21 May 2004, E.Chalaron wrote:

> Hi there
> It seems I have a trouble running a cron.daily directory. Probably straight 
> forward for someone used to use this
> Let's call a couple od script in a very simple way... to start with :-)
> In /etc/cron.daily I put :
> script1_call

What does `run-parts --test /etc/cron.daily` return?

> which contains :
> #!/bin/bash
> /usr/bin/script1

And the script is executable?

> I made sure that :
> crond is running
> script is calling script2
> script1 and script2 are root:root 755 in /usr/bin

If you're writing these yourself, convention would suggest you put them in
/usr/local/[s]bin, as it makes it clear they are not part of the managed
packages. (It's not going to affect the ablity to run them, and you might
need to add /usr/local/[s]bin depending on your dist to the PATH)

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