[wellylug] looking for old computers free or cheap

Michael Dittmer michael.dittmer at paradise.net.nz
Fri May 21 21:12:26 NZST 2004

I have just added a meeting topic called Linux Firewalls. It is meant to be
general so that different people can show off their wares, not just me.

IE: SmoothWall 2.0 Express, SME (if anyone has it) and Coyote. Plus anymore
that people suggest, but we need to keep the time fact in mind as we don't
have all night (note: we can't go to midnight  :-P )



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seems like we've got a presentation topic (or two)

If you have a login for the wellylug website that Jethro 'http' Carr has
done, you can add a meeting topic to the website so it's scheduled for the
next meeting.

If in doubt or there's a topic conflict, get in contact with Sam Cannell
- who is 'presentations guy' for the lug.


On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 20:25, Joe Wilson wrote:
> Tony Wills wrote:
> > At 10:09 21/05/04 +1200, you wrote:
> >
> >> I'll bring along my copy of Smoothwall 2.0 Express and both fixes 
> >> packs.
> >
> >
> > I'll bring along Coyote to show you a real dedicated firewall
> >
> coyote is good! i use that on my recently built firewall

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