[wellylug] ipcop problems

Phillip Rose rosewong at paradise.net.nz
Mon May 24 20:21:15 NZST 2004

At 20:15 23/05/04 +1200, Jamie Dobbs wrote:
>Can anyone tell me how I can boot into single user with Smoothwall 
>Express? I don't have a lilo prompt or anything to type any commands to 
>enter single user in to.

Back when I had a monitor attached to my Smoothwall I got a lilo screen. It
seems to be there by default. You could try running /sbin/lilo in the
secure shell.

If you're still not getting the lilo prompt, a quick way to go into single
user mode would be to edit /etc/inittab in your secure shell, setting your
initdefault id to 1.


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