[wellylug] PCMCIA and Debian with 2.4.26

JP jumbophut at yahoo.co.in
Sun May 30 17:40:46 NZST 2004

Hi all

I'm trying to use a backported kernel (2.4.26) on
Debian stable.

It compiles fine and I can boot with it, but PCMCIA
has stopped working.  It says it can't see pcmcia in
/proc/devices, which is true, and that it can't load
the ds and appropriate bridge drivers (also true).

I've enabled PCMCIA in the kernel, rather than using
pcmcia-modules (which is not backported).  AFAIK, this
means ds and bridge modules won't even exist (their
functionality is in the kernel.

Does anybody know why the userland tools (cardctl et.
al.) won't work if support is in the kernel, rather
than modules from the external pcmcia-cs source?

I could go back and do a total source compile of
pcmcia-cs (not using backported .debs), but then
what's the point of having PCMCIA support in the
kernel itself?


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