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Enkidu enkidu at cliffp.com
Mon Sep 6 18:33:47 NZST 2004

Why not "Because it's fun!"



On  Sun, 5 Sep 2004 10:19:41 -0700, you wrote:

>I didn't see any answers that really made it for me, so I believe I
>chose "Stability."  That's not the main reason I use linux though.
>I started using linux way back when (actually, it was Nov. '98 when I
>did my first RH51 install) because I'd been using a replacement shell
>for Win98 called Litestep.  It was loosely based on Afterstep.  I saw
>how much one could modify and customise the look of their linux box
>and said, "I want that."  I also saw emulators in screenshots that
>showed Windows and MacOS running in X.  I really wanted that.  (and to
>this day, I've not emulated MacOS on linux!)  So I did my first linux
>install, and the rest was history.  It was about a year before linux
>became my OS of choice, and I flirted with QNX and BeOS for a while
>during that time, but I always returned to linux.  I've changed my
>distro more than once (RH, MDK, Debian, Gentoo, Crux, Gentoo) but
>along the way I learned something:  Linux can be as simple or complex
>as you make it.  I've run every WM from Afterstep to Enlightenment to
>ION to Flux/Black/Openbox.  I've run KDE, GNOME, XFCE, and a mixture
>of all three.  But the best thing about it is that I get to have it my
>way.  Yeah, that's what the other option should have been:
>I can do it my way.
>On Mon,  6 Sep 2004 00:15:44 +1200 (NZST), webmaster
><webmaster at wlug.naos.co.nz> wrote:
>> Here are the results for the latest poll (now finished):
>>                 What is the main reason that you use linux?
>> Constant release cycle. | (0%),0 Votes.
>> Stability | (33.3%),5 Votes.
>> I don't use Linux. :-( | (13.3%),2 Votes.
>> Security | (20.0%),3 Votes.
>> Open Source Licence | (20.0%),3 Votes.
>> Because Linux is the best operating system in the world. | (13.3%),2 Votes.
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