[wellylug] Is SUSE a desktop distro? (AARRGGHH!)

Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Sat Sep 25 10:56:37 NZST 2004

My apologies to SUSE!!!

 & I figured I'd post this as soon as I got it going.

A new install CD, and nvnet auto recognised & installed by SUSE 9.1 PE on

I have no idea why the old disk didn't do this on install. The new one worked
fine, both CD's burnt from the same ISO on the HDD, wot md5'd OK.

I still don't know why YAST doesn't list it as supported (unless it's using
some name I don't recognise for the chipset/driver), or why it let me manually
install it with no error & still couldn't find it.

Maybe some error in the driver file on the CD? But that normally gives some
sort of error message. The nvidia install should also have worked to provide
the module..... Sigh....

Anyway, SUSE (at least as far as network autodetection goes) is now doing what
I expect of all good Linuxes, so I'll wrestle with some applications....

Thanks for the offers of help from SUSE devotees, 'tis appreciated & I may yet
get back to you :-)


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