[wellylug] Dummy ethernet crossover?

jumbophut jumbophut at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 17:18:08 NZST 2004

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 17:07:20 +1200, Edmund A. Hintz wrote:
> Hi all...
>     I've got a bit of an oddball problem here... I need to fool an
> ethernet interface into thinking it's up (it's a long story, just trust
> me that I need to do this). 

Well, this may or may not be helpful, but back when BNC connectors
were standard, you had to have a terminator-gizmo at the end of the
the loop.  (I used to love how the entire network died when one
machine's connector came loose). Anyway, maybe you could get your
hands on a terminator by googling BNC?

I vaguely recall that the terminator just reflected the signal back
along the loop, but I'm sure wiser and more experienced wellyluggers
will correct me if I'm wrong.

Tony (echo 'spend!,pocket awide' | sed 'y/acdeikospntw!, /l at omcgtjuba.phi/')

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