[wellylug] odd browser behavior

bob dugan bob.dugan at vuw.ac.nz
Sat Aug 6 15:20:32 NZST 2005

I just installed suse9.3.

When used as a web browser, Konqueror behaves oddly.  

When pointed at common urls [www.google.com, www.paradise.net.nz, www.nyt.com, 
www.yahoo.com], the browser often [but not always] returns the "error 
occurred while loading . . . unknown host: . . ." message.  The same erratic 
behaviour occurs when entering the urls from the bookmarks. 

Over the course of ten minutes, I made 50 url entries [of ten common urls].  
Of these, around half returned the "unknown host" message.  Some 
[www.google.com] never worked, whilst others [www.spiegel.de] worked 90% of 
the time.

The same test on Firefox doesnt result in any similar problems.

A look around the lists shows others experiencing the same problem.  The only 
suggestion was to disable IPV6.

Any suggestions.


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